19.11.2015, source: CENACE.

The National Energy Control Centre of Mexico announced the first auction of Energy under the new Electricity Act. November 30 is expected that the Ministry of Energy (SENER) and the National Power Control Center (CENACE) publish the bidding rules for the first auction SLP-1, 2015. energy, power, and clean energy certificates Mexico. The auction is awarded the 03/31/2016.


19.11.2015, source: PV Magazine.

In October, solar and wind power accounted for 0.51% of the total energy consumed in Argentina.


13.11.2015, source: PV Magazine and personal sources.

By auction, Brazil awarded contracts for 930 MW solar.


06.11.2015, source: Photovoltaik.

KfW bank building announced in Germany this year ends support for the installation of batteries for residential solar photovoltaic systems that support after 14,000 solar systems with batteries, in the amount of 217 million Euros, which led to 7 times that investment . The batteries were down this year by 10 to 20% of price, and Germany was ranked the highest standards in network operation and security.


08.09.2015, source: SENER.

The Energy Secretariat of Mexico issued the Wholesale Electricity Market Rules, which will be operational 31.12.2015.


28.08.2015, source: D.O.F. Government of Mexico.

The decree is published in the D.O.F. where the National Center for Energy Control (CENACE) is created as an independent agency of the Federal Electricity Commission CFE.